How to Raise an Optimist Child

The fact that an optimist can live a life of 100 years is enough to tell the benefit of raising an optimist child. But there is a question how to raise an optimist child. This isn’t the matter of methods of parenting. It rather involves change in lifestyles that parents need to bring in their lives in order to raise optimist children. With that said, there are some ways you can parent your child to be an optimist.

Don’t complain

When you run late for anything, you try to explain the reason to anyone who asks. It has been observed most of the times that parent say to their children, “we are always running late”. Although the children need to be told about the value of time, telling them while complaining out of mockery is a bad tactic. It would be quite better if you say, “hurry up! It’s good if we reach there before time”. The meaning of both statements may be the same but the latter one is focusing on the positive scenario. Saying positivity, and not complaining, can bring positivity in children.

Reasonable risk taking

Now this one is quite contrary to what most of the parents may believe in. Nevertheless, this is the fact that an optimist person is necessarily a risk taker at the right time. It’s not about the misfire. It is rather about reading the situation well and measuring the amount of risk to be taken in order to get the objective accomplished. This is the reason that kids should be encouraged to take some age appropriate risks. For example, you should allow your toddler to climb the stairs and come down through the slide. If you encourage it, you will see your kid gaining the capability to respond to different situations.

Let the kid respond

Parents normally seem pretty concerned when other children call their children the names. Hence, most of the parents would get up and fight on the behalf of their children. This is wrong. It gives children the message that they are not capable to respond. On the other hand, you should tell your kids to handle the situation on their own. For instance, when some other kid calls your kid fat, the ideal reaction of your child can be like this:

First, I am not fat. And second, that’s not a nice thing to say to a friend.

It would definitely be enough to tell the other kid to stay within some limits and that too in a nicer way.

Appreciate the effort

One very important aspect of optimism is to believe in effort while letting go of the obsession about results. Although the efforts should be made to gain the best, focusing only on the results and finding short ways to get them is not the ideal thing a person can do. This is the reason that appreciation should be there for the efforts. Hence, you can appreciate your kids for the efforts they make and encourage them to work harder.


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